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Color Flower Essence Test

29.99 usd

A handy digital version of the Applied Kinesiology Luscher Color Bach Flower test as taught by Dr. Sheldon Deal for AK practitioners.A set of the eight Luscher colors--orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, grey, black--is displayed in random order. From that set of colors the participant selects the order of colors, based on her/his preference, from most attractive to least attractive.
Seven pairs of colors are then shown from that selection.
The participant looks at each pair while being tested with a technique of applied kinesiology. This technique determines whether the particular pair strengthens or weakens her/his energy.
A list of appropriate flower essences will be provided as results.
Further information can be found on color psychology/personality testing and flower essences by reading The Luscher Color Test by Dr. Max Luscher and Bach Flowers by Dr. Edward Bach. Books on kinesiology include Touch for Health by Dr. John Thie and Advanced Kinesiology by Dr. Sheldon Deal. Dr. Deal's DVD, Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 3, includes a relevant tutorial on the Luscher Color Bach Flower test.
This app is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. No statement in this app has been evaluated by the FDA.